About Us

When did marketing agencies get so ridiculous? When promoting their agenda came more important than their customers? And more importantly, why did they stop increasing their clients’ revenue?

“As one of the most wondrous creatures, the unicorns represent magic and enchantment. They are believed to be able to bless innocent and virtuous people with wisdom and miracles.”

At Social Media Unicorns, We are focused on creating meaningful connections between you and your customers. This means a full-service digital marketing agency working from design and development to branding services, pay-per-click, content, social, and beyond, collaboratively to ensure you see the best results across all campaigns—us as your strategic digital partner keeping things transparent so you know exactly where and how we work, whether that’s with highly targeted search engine marketing, web development or digital advertising. We take the time to listen and then plan to achieve even your complex goals and ambitions.

Out of the box thinking with a dedicated team of digital marketing experts. Who can catch those pure golden ideas and transform them into reality. Now, these actions will generate results.


Experience is Everything

While we’re unfailingly future-focused, we’re also proud of our heritage. With our combined two decades’ digital experience, we have developed the techniques we use to bring the best out of your digital presence online. We have the deep technical knowledge and creative ability to make every goal based on real experience, and we love to tackle a new challenge.


Power from People

When you choose to partner with Unicorns, you get an entire innovative team’s skill set with diverse experience and true passion for achievement. We are always keeping things clear, simple and effective. We believe in the creative and intelligent work environment that focuses on engagement that makes us more human (than Unicorns): problem-solving, creativity, empathy, and partner relationships are the right keys to success.


We offer

Social media unicorns full-service offering is genuine. Our projects range from website development to deep technical integrations to growth strategies and creative campaign development. We are one team focused on delivering end-to-end solutions in-house.